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Thursday, July 2nd, 2015
11:11 am
Home for a while
Back from York = Williamsburg; Edinburgh = DC; Belfast = Baltimore; Dublin = New Orleans; Conwyn = Rural New England; and, London = New York.  N planed the trip flawlessly.  The apartments were great and the transportation was seemless.  Cam is on his way to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia.  We plan to go to Knoxville in August.  Until then, it will just be the two of us and the pets.  N is still not looking for work so she won't have anything to do for a month.  I wonder if she will get antsy.
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
6:46 pm
Dallas and Martial Arts
Dallas was great.  I had not been there in 29 years and the place has changed.  The light rail is great and people seem to get along except for the attempted mass murder by some Islamists.  I got to see where JFK was shot and touched the spot.  So cool.

Sean may be shutting down the school and has proposed rushing Cam through his black belt.  He should get this.  However, the leadership has decided to make it known to him that he is getting off easy.  Not true.  He is better prepared than Katherine and Ellie were.  He has lost some commitment but that is because the school has been falling apart.  I have instructed Cam to buck up, do what is recquired, stop complaining, and get the belt.  I hope he does.
Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
10:03 am
Dallas tomorrow
I have not been there for 25 years.  I look forward to touching the ground where Kennedy's brains touced.  
Thursday, April 30th, 2015
9:45 am
First Real Argument with Cam
Last night, I had my first real screaming and storming out of the room argument with Cam.  It was over his not committing to anything.  School, lacrosse, martial arts, cross country, ...  He just doesn't seem to care about anything enough.  I regret the fight and will apologize tonight.  There is some pathology in wanting my child to be better than me.  Part is driven by fear for what his future might look like and part is driven conceit.  I also try very hard not to hover and then find myself feeling that I am not involved enough and overcompensating.  IDK.
Sunday, April 26th, 2015
11:10 am
The trip
Pretty great crossing into the southern hemisphere was interesting but the International date line was freaky.  We went to slepp on Monday and woke up on Wednesday.  We had two Fridays on the way back.  I learned how colonialism DOES impact the present in ways I had not thought possible.  Driving on the left takes some getting used to.
Friday, April 3rd, 2015
4:28 pm
Here we go

·         The Andy Chamberses are here today. Cam and Nancy played touristes with them.

·         Cam goes to TN tomorrow

·         He is getting better a lacrosse and eating but not school. He played most of his last game as a D-pole and ate eight Popeye’s spicy chicken thighs in one sitting. He finished 3rd quarter with A, B, B, B, B, B, C. The C was in geometry. You know the course that he was “way ahead” and we pay an expensive tutor to monitor.

·         I am having a hard time concentrating at work. There are a bunch of people a few older than me who are seeking their next/last work adventure and moving on. Some are moving up (Nat>uber boss) and some are moving out (Rebecca>meditation coach). I sort of want the new too.

·         We leave for LA, FJ, and NZ on Sunday. The trip should help me get my head together. I hope.

Thursday, March 19th, 2015
9:07 pm
A Few Weeks at Home
No travel for a while, I think.  We do have to deal with the lacrosse issues.  Before now, C has had friends who were mostly immigrants, e.g. Ethiopians, with families that were poorer than us but extremely upwardly mobile because they worked like dogs.  Now he is playing lacrosse and we are bumping up against rich people and they are often unpleasant. I guess this is our demographic.  Are we unpleasant?

Yesterday, C decided he and a couple of friends would skip practice and go downtown for some fun.  He didn’t let us know.  Nor, did he let his coach know.  So, he was MIA for a few hours.  Big deal, except that we are trying to move him in between activities within minutes of error.  I guess we are trying too hard.  He almost got kicked off of lacrosse by me.
Monday, March 16th, 2015
9:07 pm
White House Conference Room
I attended a meeting at the White House today.  The room was nice and picture of the President and the Vice President in candid friendliness were hung on the walls.  I knew about half of the people attending.  There was a half by half mix of women and men.  All were white except from a women of third gerneration East Indian descent and also of third generation descent from the South Seas.  The great majority of people wore wedding rings and none of the women wore makeup.  I was one of the youngest attendees but somewhere in the middle on level of responsibility.  These were mostly statisticians.  Nothing got done.  I will be attending these meetings for the next two years.
Sunday, March 1st, 2015
5:08 pm
Barcelona in Atlanta and other stuff
We are grounded for the month of March and have no travel plans until the beginning of April where we will go to LA/Figi/NZ.  I look forward to the trip.  The ATL thing brought us to a visit with George at Barcelona, which is my favorite restaurant there.  We always have fun but he and I sometimes butt heads.  We used to spend so much time with G and V.  I recognize more and more that moments are important.  One never knows when people will be out of one's life permanently.  
Friday, February 27th, 2015
10:30 pm
Going Home
So, I have had sucess here by doing the things in the last post, and touching base with my Ajay, Carolyn, and Karon. Somehow, 66% of the people who work in my group are not white and 25% are not citizens.  I think the 25% of non-citizens make sense because they are less expensive to hire.

I also met with some data experts from GA Tech.  They were smarter than me but wanted to do some work together.   Go team!  
Thursday, February 26th, 2015
11:49 pm
Atlanta 2015 with N and me
We have been in Atlanta for a few days.  N is giving a talk on consumer health to stay in the game while she is waiting for a new job to appear.  I am here to right the wrongs of the workplace: goodbye to the NIS boondoggle for MK and goodbye to CDC sponsorship of the ACRDC. I AM THE AVENGING ANGEL -- DON'T FUCK WITH ME!

We are staying at the downtown Hilton.  Somebody put us above the hoi polloi and we are staying on the card controlled Executive Floor at the top of the tower.  This is not how we travel and I am a bit horrified and very amused.  The floor shares a private lounge with suited attendants and a great view of sky scrapers.  We are glad to leave the rest of the people in the hotel beneath us.  I have not ever stayed downtown before in a high rise and find the many large and bright Coca Cola signs fun.

After rolling heads and battleing technology today, we went out to see the Felker and Mary Wards.  What we didn't expect is that the whole family and significant others would show up.  This was a nice surprise.  We had cocktails and then ended up with a party of ten at dinner.  I can see that Felker was a heavy and had a heavy influence in the kids life.  I think they all turned out well because of this action.  They are probably the wealthiest people I have ever met and I wouuld not want to be responsible for disposing of all of the art in their house when they die.

C has been home alone and says he misses us.  I think he jsut wants to be traveling with us.  We have created a monster. He will suffer a serious life style adjustment when he goes to college.

I am staring out over the Atlanta skyline from our fancy room and laughing a little.
Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
7:34 pm
Life goes on
Marilyn Heistand was a great scientist and science teacher.  I took two of her classes and on their strength, I CLEPed out of all of my biological science requirements in college.

Make joy in your life.  You are dying and there is no redo.  "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think."Marylin Heistand
Monday, February 16th, 2015
11:50 pm
Moving around a bit
We got back from Tarpon Springs today.  We ostensibly went back for an Atkinson family reunion of sorts and to celebrate Will and Margie’s lives.  We did meet with a few Atkinson’s and we did talk about Will and Margie.  However, the overriding, unspoken conversation was the decline and approaching death of Beth.   She is my wife’s senior cousin of thirteen years.  We have had contact with her many times over the last couple of decades and have shared trials and joys with her.  Mostly, the trials she owned and we owned the joys.

I am happy that Beth can do most of whatever she wants at the end of her life and that she has chosen to travel.  I am also honored that she has wanted to travel with us or a sub-group of us.  I actually thought N might have gone on with Beth on the P.R. leg of the trip but N decided not to, in the end.

Their family reminds me of Ellen Gilchrist novels: Kentucky, not too rich but rich, creative, not judgmental, willing to take risks, drinkers, followers of their bliss but often not finding it, and silently agreeing that we are worm meat when we die.

I will miss Beth.
Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
9:57 pm
I have and will be travelling a bunch
I got back late last night from a trip to UK and IU.  The trip was fun and exhausting.  I was most surprised by the beauty of the IU campus.  Who knew?  That type of great planning and architecture does not happen by chance.  I really was glad to be back home with N and C.  We have such a great family.  Also, I am very glad that I have started delegating some of these trips because I don't want to be on the road as much anymore.

The three of us are heading to FL this weekend to see a few of the Atkinson clan.  The trip will be bitter sweet because this may be the last time we see Beth.  The trip may also be the last time we sleep in Will and Margie's house.  Nancy may end up driving her mom's car back to DC.  I don't know what we will do with three cars.
Sunday, February 1st, 2015
9:25 pm
Run down for the week

We have been mostly having fun.

  1. We saw the Oscar shorts for this year at Landmark.

  2. Re-engaged at Spices and ate many meals of great Asian food.

  3. Nancy's prospect at FDA feel through (Good), but we got her stuff in for OAE and that would be a great "last" job.

  4. We are busy with plans for travel this month and will find ourselves all over the place for a few months.

  5. N is giving a talk in Atlanta and I will use this as an opportunity to visit the office that I have negelected for years since Stephanie left.  Ajay is just so good that I have not needed to visit.  I hope we get to visit the Chandlers and the Wards.

  6. Cam is dragging ass on fixing his Foundations of Technology grade and not keeping up with his P2P work.  He is almost 16, after all.

  7. My workplace moved and I have an expansive office until I am moved back into a cube.

  8. I hung the beautiful pic of the Valley that we bought several months ago.

  9. We had sex afer several months of thinking about it.

  10. Cam had friends over to use the newish pool table and we feed teen age boys lots of food.

  11. I am happy.

Sunday, January 25th, 2015
8:15 pm
Play Today

We went to Arena today to continue the education of the boy.  The play was funny but not much outloud funniness.  The old folks in the crowd thought otherwise and cackled throughout.  We have one play left in the season.  Next year, we will move back to the avant guard small theater subscription.  
Saturday, January 24th, 2015
9:56 pm
Anxiety and Phones

I did not bring my phone with me on the ski trip and had great fun until I got home.  Seriously, almost 300 actionable emails !?!  No wonder I think about retirement so often even though the optimal time is twelve years into the future.  I have been thinking about a change in direction if not careers.  The choices are working in preparedness or privacy/confidentiality.  When we were in NOLA earlier this year I sat in on some preparedeness sessions and they are clowns with badges.  I have chosen privacy/confidentialry and will work toward makng this my work happiness for the near future.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
7:27 pm
Very Fast
Cam and I were on the last chair going up to Mt. Werner.  We covered >5 miles and >4k vertical feet in less than 20 minutes.  He is so much better than me now.  Fun!
Monday, January 19th, 2015
7:01 pm
Chug Chug Chug

I am reminded that this is our 13th seasons in Steamboat.  We still love this little town.  I am also reminded that there are only 12k people who live here year round.  This makes the fact that the amenities are so good something close to a miracle.  Some round outs:
·         We see the same people every year and they are getting older
·         We have definitely gotten our money out of the $4k time share we bought 10 years ago
·         We met a French-Canadian couple this year, Paul and Veronic , and they actually enjoyed all of the suggestions we gave them
·         Cam is a much, much better skier than either of us
·         United Airlines and Expedia both suck.  I am not ONLY a price customer anymore.  I will not engage either of these businesses unless there is a significant cost or comfort benefit.
·         I have spent close to three weeks in CO during the last twelve months and the state is lovely but not a place I could live because I NEED something more urban and accessible to the rest of the world
·         I sleep well here and dream often.  Last night, I had an existential dream about what the point of all of this was and came up with the answer of nuclear family, travel, art, culture, food, nature, honest conversation, and smart people.  Really, I had that dream and woke up fine.
Thursday, January 15th, 2015
8:32 pm
So we are raising a perfectly wonderful almost 16 year old who has started to experiment with pot. Three times over five months. I think that is okay. I have registered my feelings that now is a little too young. I have also registered that he should not be smoking pot before he takes his Spanish Oral Exam.
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