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Atlanta 2015 with N and me

We have been in Atlanta for a few days.  N is giving a talk on consumer health to stay in the game while she is waiting for a new job to appear.  I am here to right the wrongs of the workplace: goodbye to the NIS boondoggle for MK and goodbye to CDC sponsorship of the ACRDC. I AM THE AVENGING ANGEL -- DON'T FUCK WITH ME!

We are staying at the downtown Hilton.  Somebody put us above the hoi polloi and we are staying on the card controlled Executive Floor at the top of the tower.  This is not how we travel and I am a bit horrified and very amused.  The floor shares a private lounge with suited attendants and a great view of sky scrapers.  We are glad to leave the rest of the people in the hotel beneath us.  I have not ever stayed downtown before in a high rise and find the many large and bright Coca Cola signs fun.

After rolling heads and battleing technology today, we went out to see the Felker and Mary Wards.  What we didn't expect is that the whole family and significant others would show up.  This was a nice surprise.  We had cocktails and then ended up with a party of ten at dinner.  I can see that Felker was a heavy and had a heavy influence in the kids life.  I think they all turned out well because of this action.  They are probably the wealthiest people I have ever met and I wouuld not want to be responsible for disposing of all of the art in their house when they die.

C has been home alone and says he misses us.  I think he jsut wants to be traveling with us.  We have created a monster. He will suffer a serious life style adjustment when he goes to college.

I am staring out over the Atlanta skyline from our fancy room and laughing a little.
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