full_of_wind (full_of_wind) wrote,

A Few Weeks at Home

No travel for a while, I think.  We do have to deal with the lacrosse issues.  Before now, C has had friends who were mostly immigrants, e.g. Ethiopians, with families that were poorer than us but extremely upwardly mobile because they worked like dogs.  Now he is playing lacrosse and we are bumping up against rich people and they are often unpleasant. I guess this is our demographic.  Are we unpleasant?

Yesterday, C decided he and a couple of friends would skip practice and go downtown for some fun.  He didn’t let us know.  Nor, did he let his coach know.  So, he was MIA for a few hours.  Big deal, except that we are trying to move him in between activities within minutes of error.  I guess we are trying too hard.  He almost got kicked off of lacrosse by me.
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