full_of_wind (full_of_wind) wrote,

Here we go

·         The Andy Chamberses are here today. Cam and Nancy played touristes with them.

·         Cam goes to TN tomorrow

·         He is getting better a lacrosse and eating but not school. He played most of his last game as a D-pole and ate eight Popeye’s spicy chicken thighs in one sitting. He finished 3rd quarter with A, B, B, B, B, B, C. The C was in geometry. You know the course that he was “way ahead” and we pay an expensive tutor to monitor.

·         I am having a hard time concentrating at work. There are a bunch of people a few older than me who are seeking their next/last work adventure and moving on. Some are moving up (Nat>uber boss) and some are moving out (Rebecca>meditation coach). I sort of want the new too.

·         We leave for LA, FJ, and NZ on Sunday. The trip should help me get my head together. I hope.

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