full_of_wind (full_of_wind) wrote,

Dallas and Martial Arts

Dallas was great.  I had not been there in 29 years and the place has changed.  The light rail is great and people seem to get along except for the attempted mass murder by some Islamists.  I got to see where JFK was shot and touched the spot.  So cool.

Sean may be shutting down the school and has proposed rushing Cam through his black belt.  He should get this.  However, the leadership has decided to make it known to him that he is getting off easy.  Not true.  He is better prepared than Katherine and Ellie were.  He has lost some commitment but that is because the school has been falling apart.  I have instructed Cam to buck up, do what is recquired, stop complaining, and get the belt.  I hope he does.
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