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Chug Chug Chug


I am reminded that this is our 13th seasons in Steamboat.  We still love this little town.  I am also reminded that there are only 12k people who live here year round.  This makes the fact that the amenities are so good something close to a miracle.  Some round outs:
·         We see the same people every year and they are getting older
·         We have definitely gotten our money out of the $4k time share we bought 10 years ago
·         We met a French-Canadian couple this year, Paul and Veronic , and they actually enjoyed all of the suggestions we gave them
·         Cam is a much, much better skier than either of us
·         United Airlines and Expedia both suck.  I am not ONLY a price customer anymore.  I will not engage either of these businesses unless there is a significant cost or comfort benefit.
·         I have spent close to three weeks in CO during the last twelve months and the state is lovely but not a place I could live because I NEED something more urban and accessible to the rest of the world
·         I sleep well here and dream often.  Last night, I had an existential dream about what the point of all of this was and came up with the answer of nuclear family, travel, art, culture, food, nature, honest conversation, and smart people.  Really, I had that dream and woke up fine.
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