full_of_wind (full_of_wind) wrote,

Run down for the week

We have been mostly having fun.

  1. We saw the Oscar shorts for this year at Landmark.

  2. Re-engaged at Spices and ate many meals of great Asian food.

  3. Nancy's prospect at FDA feel through (Good), but we got her stuff in for OAE and that would be a great "last" job.

  4. We are busy with plans for travel this month and will find ourselves all over the place for a few months.

  5. N is giving a talk in Atlanta and I will use this as an opportunity to visit the office that I have negelected for years since Stephanie left.  Ajay is just so good that I have not needed to visit.  I hope we get to visit the Chandlers and the Wards.

  6. Cam is dragging ass on fixing his Foundations of Technology grade and not keeping up with his P2P work.  He is almost 16, after all.

  7. My workplace moved and I have an expansive office until I am moved back into a cube.

  8. I hung the beautiful pic of the Valley that we bought several months ago.

  9. We had sex afer several months of thinking about it.

  10. Cam had friends over to use the newish pool table and we feed teen age boys lots of food.

  11. I am happy.

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